ATMOSPHERIC EMISSIONS: completed eliminated.

WATER CONSUMPTION: NTT technology does not use water in its production process. Therefore, water consumption and drainage are pretty much equal to zero.

WASTE: processing waste with the use of NTT technology are made of inert polyurethane resins and do not contain solvents.

The NTT Business Idea has been developed according to one of the main research targets, eco-sustainability, awareness about environmental protection and the consequent elimination of all polluting elements, such as solvents (DMF). Aiming to Green Economy is now a must for environmental friendliness. Since 2012, ECHA has included DMF (N, N- dimethylformamide) in the SVHC list. So, products can’t contain more than 0,1% p/p of DMF. On Feb 10, 2014, ECHA recommended several new substances for approval by European Commission and DMF was included. According to ECHA, the best solution is turning to new alternative technologies.