Starting from the basic components (two-component polyurethane resins, easily available from a wide variety of suppliers), NTT has developed several compounds for its customers that offer a great range of practical solutions for technical laminates and coated fabrics.

We offer a broad range of material “hardness” levels, from extremely soft and elastic products to extremely hard and rigid. Moreover, by adding normal additives, we can also provide a large range of properties, making them self-extinguishing, antistatic or conductive, magnetic, UV resistant, X-ray opaque (changes to the compounds are simple to perform), which complete their intrinsic properties in terms of solvent content, abrasion, high temperature resistance and absence of porosity.

The NTT Business concept has been developed according to one of the main research targets, that is:

  • DEMATERIALISATION – “Beyond the Age of Waste”. Electronics and aerospace industries were the first to adopt this principle, followed later by all industrial sectors; in particular, Composite Materials and Alloys Engineering focused on its development. Nowadays, materials and products are created at the same time, taking into account all the functions the product will have to perform.
    The aim is to engineer the best combination of proper materials in order to maximize product performances and minimize production costs.